When you move house or buy new appliances, we’re here for you! Our job is to get your stuff out of the box and up and running. There’s nothing we love more than those painful, fiddly ‘cable connection’ tasks that take forever and drive most people up the wall.

We won’t make you wait around all day either – you select your preferred time and we guarantee a three-hour window. Whether it’s tuning your TV, making sense of your modem or connecting your white goods to plumbing, we do the job fast and we do it well.

Installing and delivering appliances in Brisbane and throughout south-east Queensland is what we do every day, so we have experience with all makes and models. We can hook up your dishwasher, affix your flat-screen to a wall bracket, whatever you need. To save you the hassle, we can also collect your appliances from the shop and deliver them your place (you’ll find we charge less than what you’d pay for the store to do it).


You name your date and preferred time and we’ll aim for as close as possible. We’ll notify you the day before

cash or card

Payment is made
once the job is done to
your satisfaction


We do a cheaper, better delivery
and install than the appliance
retail sector

Our standards are sky-high

At The Hookup Guys, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We do the job properly, safety is our No. 1 priority and we come when we say we will.

Our team is experienced

Installation and delivery is what we do every day, so we’ve become very, very good at it. Even if you’ve got the most obscure appliance, odds are we’ve hooked up one just like it!

We’re personable and approachable

Service with a smile is what we’re all about and we clean up after ourselves. Disposal of packaging is part of the service. If you like, we can talk you through what we’re doing so you can DIY next time.