Store pick-up and delivery

Bought a new appliance or furniture?
Arrange for our guys to collect it and bring it back to your place. Then we can hook it up and get rid of all the messy packaging. Your job: just relax!

TV and home theatre

For some people, there’s nothing worse than a big pile of cables. For The Hookup Guys, it’s like a cool puzzle waiting to be solved! We love tech and specialise in:

  • TV connection and tuning, including Smart TVs
  • Wall mounting
  • In-wall cable concealment
  • Speaker set-up
  • Sound bar wall mounting
  • Apple TV, digital recorder and DVD player connection
  • PlayStation and Wii set-up and connection
  • Multi-device remote control sales and setup

Kitchen whitegoods

These things can be heavy, complicated and tricky to move without damaging the appliance – or worse, your poor back! Fortunately for you, The Hookup Guys have never met a fridge or a washer we couldn’t tame. We’re good in the kitchen with:

  • Fridge ice and water connection
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Dish-drawer installation
  • Fridge re-location
  • Wine fridge installation

Flat pack assembly

Ever found yourself defeated on the floor, surrounded by scattered pieces of timber, screws and confusing instruction manuals? The Hookup Guys are flat pack pros, and are able to assemble your latest purchases swiftly and flawlessly. We love a challenge and can help with:

  • Assembling any flat pack item, from bed frames, to desks, chairs and tables
  • Providing missing pieces, such as screws, nuts & bolts
  • Trouble shooting and resolving any mid-construction issues you face