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Get a Professional Audiovisual Installation in Brisbane

Audiovisual Installation Brisbane

Let our professionals hook you up with an audiovisual installationin Brisbane. We stay up to date with the latest sound and visual technology and have experience with a wide variety of systems. Our staff will save you the time and frustration of connecting cables, tuning frequencies and navigating new controls.

We are skilled and experienced in the installation of a wide range of audiovisual equipment. Our friendly staff will supply the necessary cables and brackets that may be necessary and finish up with a demonstration on how to operate your system. Contact us today for reliable and professional audio installation in North Brisbane.

Our technology-savvy staff use their skills and knowledge to install your audio and visual devices.

Problems Our Audiovisual Installation in North Brisbane Addresses

You and your family will enjoy the visual show on your TV with epic and clear sound coming through your new speakers.

Audio Installation in Brisbane Homes

Soundbar Installation Service


No living room is complete without a proper sound system. The only problem is that when it comes to installation, sound systems become very complicated, with different speakers needing different ports and wires. One easy solution is our soundbar installation service. The Hookup Guys are installation technicians of TV and audio equipment. We love to see happy customers, and we ensure satisfaction by listening to your specific requests. We work with you to ensure that the whole process (from collection to delivery to installation) is simple. For a complete service, and punctual installation, we are the guys to call.

Our complete service includes the delivery of your sound system, if required. We also handle the installation and calibration of the sound system to ensure it is set up according to your specifications. Finally, we offer demonstrations on how to use your system, and we remove all packaging, leaving your place as we found it. You can also contact us after we leave with any further questions.

Home Theatre Installation in Brisbane

Wherever you live in the greater Brisbane area, we are ready to offer you our full service of delivery, installation, and instruction on how to use your new audio system. With much experience in the field, we have seen every brand and type of audio bar and home theatre system. We offer our service in a prompt manner and guarantee that it will take less than three hours.
More about our service:

  • Soundbars and speakers: If you’re unhappy with your sound or would like to upgrade to a more extensive home theatre, you can contact The Hookup Guys for a home audio installation. Many homes are equipped with soundbars and multiple speakers in their TV cabinet or around their living room to upgrade your viewing experience.
  • Correct tools: Installations can be difficult to do yourself, especially when superior tools are required. Our extensive range of tools makes any TV soundbar installation quick and effortless. Our knowledge and experience also ensure that the process will be simple and that your system will be perfectly set up the first time.
  • Concealed cables: Another aspect of our service which leads to customer satisfaction is that we tidy up wires and cables and conceal them behind walls or furniture. Your audio system will look spectacular, and your living room will be ready for guests. We also remove boxes and packaging when we leave, if preferred.

Why Us?

The Hookup Guys was initially part of a delivery service but soon saw the need for installations upon delivery, and so we diversified and became what we are today. We love to solve problems that often frustrate others. Messy cables, confusing manuals, bad-quality sound; any of these are a reason to use The Hookup Guys for your future sound system installation.

We strive to be professional in all our dealings but also friendly in dealing with customers. We go the extra mile to ensure that you are fully-equipped to use your system, even providing demonstrations and tutorials until you feel confident using it. For the full installation service, we are the guys to call to hook you up.